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Hookup & Equipment Wires

Equipment wires are flexible wires which are used for the internal wiring of electrical and electronic equipment such as internal wiring of computer and data processing equipment, lighting, automotive and harness assemblies.



We offer a wide range of equipment wires in a variety of insulation materials, sizes and colours. Please contact us with your requirements. We manufacture both single and multi core equipment wires and these can be braided or screened as per requirements.


Tri-Rated Cable

Tri Rated cables are high temperature cables for use within the industrial electrical installations such as control panels and instrumentation panels. We hold stock in a variety of colours and core sizes up to 240mm2. The UL and CSA certification on these wires enable their use in equipment destined for the North American market as well as the European market.

These cables can be suppled on reels, boxed or in barrels.


Def Stan Cable

Defence Standards Cables (Def Stan) were originally used by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in applications which require high-density wiring within instruments and to connect electronic equipment. It is now widely used within industry as it is compact, has a range of sizes for most applications and a high working voltage. It is now used for a variety of applications in heavy industrial environments, avionic control systems, computer and data processing.


We offer the range of Def Stan Cables in Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) including:

Single Core

Def Stan 61-12 (Parts 6) Type 1

Def Stan 61-12 (Parts 6) Type 2

Def Stan 61-12 (Parts 6) Type 3


Def Stan 61-12 (Part 4 & 5)

Sceened and Unsceened


* In addition to the above we also offer 2491B, 2491X, 6381Y, Oil Resistant, Zero Halogen, Heat Resistant Lighting Wires, Super Flex, and Custom Designed equipment wires.

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UK Map | Cable Manufacturer, North East


UK Map | Cable Manufacturer, North East





Custom Design
UK Cable Manufacturer

We can design and manufacture any cable to meet customer's specific requirements ensuring quality, performance and reliability.

UK Cable Manufacturer

Our manufacturing facility is based in the UK employing a dedicated team with over 60 years' experience in cable manufacturing.

UK Cable Manufacturer

We supply what the customer requires when the customers requires it, at a price that is competitive within the UK market.