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Custom Assemblies

At ATAG we thrive on the new product development and custom assemblies, it's part of what we do best and what sets us apart from our competition. As as cable manufacturer we not only save you money, but the entire assembly can be custom designed.

From initial concept to prototype and through to manufacture and assembly the customers specific requirements are taken into account. We ensure consistency and performance time and time again.



The quality of a custom assembly is integral to its performance, reliability and safety. This is paramount to all aspects of our design and manufacturing process. We carefully select and use only high quality materials from approved suppliers to ensure function and efficiency of all assemblies.

All cable and assemblies are tested on site to guarantee quality and customer peace of mind.


Customer Specification

Once we have designed a custom assembly we issue a customer specification design and approval form to ensure exact specifications and requirements have been met. This then includes an operators and production form which ensures product quality control and standards throughout the manufacture and assembly process.


Assembly Services

Wiring Harnesses, Box Build Assembly, Panel wiring, Cable Looms, Control Boxes, wiring Looms, Cable Harnesses, Control Panels, Power Leads, Sub Assemblies, Termination, Wiring Systems, Injection Moulding, Potting, Wire Preparation, Wire Marking, Instrument Panel Building, Custom Overmoulded Cables, RF Assembly, Coax Assembly, Mil Spec Soldered Assembly, Industry Standard Cable Assemblies, Temperature Probe Assembly, Medical Temperature Probe Assemblies, Lead Assemblies, Thermocouple Sensors, Thermistor Sensors, RTD Sensors, Discrete Thermistors, Hand Probes, Industrial Probes and Custom Design.


Please contact us with your cable or assembly requirements.








Custom Cable Design
UK Cable Manufacturer

We can design and manufacture any cable to meet customer's specific requirements ensuring quality, performance and reliability.

UK Cable Manufacturer

Our manufacturing facility is based in the UK employing a dedicated team with over 60 years' experience in cable manufacturing.

UK Cable Manufacturer

We supply what the customer requires when the customers requires it, at a price that is competitive within the UK market.